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Bearded dragons are a desert lizard originating from Australia. Bearded dragons are a popular pet due to their interactive nature. They are a medium sized lizard which are available in many patterns and colours which are referred to as ‘Morphs’. Patterns and colours are controlled by genetics which means we selectively breed certain dragons in order to match up genetics and produce the nicest babies.

This season at Blackpool Reptiles we have been working with Citrus, Hypo and Translucent which are all morphs. We have been lucky enough to make Red and Yellow Citrus Hypo Translucent dragons and hets. The babies are available for sale in store and online now.

Earlier this season we produced some microscale and silk back bearded dragons. These morphs effect the skin of the dragon and are the bearded dragon version of scaleless. Silkback bearded dragons require more intricate care than normal dragons as they are lacking scales. They need a moist hide and a lot more humidity along with Aloe Vera baths on a regular occasion. We aren’t currently working with silkback, but this is something we may explore further in the future.

Please note, we speak thoroughly with our customers about care requirements before selling any livestock. Please do not be offended if we ask for photos of your enclosure or details of the set-up, this is just because we care about our livestock’s welfare once it leaves us. For more information about our Bearded Dragons, you can browse our website or contact us.

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