Crested Gecko


Crested geckos are a small arboreal gecko originating in New Caledonia. Crested Geckos are a popular pet as they require low maintenance and feed on a diet of insects or if you don’t like creepy crawlies, formulas and jams are available. This is often a good pet for people who love reptiles but cannot deal with live food. Ideally a mixed diet of both is good as it allows the gecko to exercise its normal feeding habits as it would in the wild, but either can be used.

Crested geckos are available in many patterns and colours which are referred to as ‘Morphs’. We currently have many crested geckos for sale online and in-store. They are not all bred by us but those that aren’t are sourced from the UK.

This season we have been working with Flame, Harlequin, Pinstripe and Dalmatian. We have previously bred crested geckos with much success and our resident trio have had another good season. People keep Crested Geckos in many types of enclosure, we prefer to keep ours in live planted biological tanks

We find that our geckos have bred much better this year with egg count being up and most eggs successful even when buried deep under the substrate. Adding a layer of drainage medium has enabled us to keep humidity up but stale water down meaning if the geckos do dig down and lay, the eggs aren’t at risk of getting wet. It also helps to keep the toxins and waste water in the tank to a minimum and allows our plants to thrive too!

It is relatively easy to set up your own bio tank, but don’t forget that we build custom enclosures if you would prefer to buy one made to your requirements. To speak to us about Crested Geckos or custom enclosures, please contact us.

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