Gargoyle Geckos


Gargoyle Geckos are medium sized arboreal geckos originating in New Caledonia. They inhabit similar areas as the Crested and Leachianus gecko. Gargoyle Geckos are beautiful lizards who get their name from their appearance with their head being bumpy and horny like a stone gargoyle. They come in a range of colours exhibiting yellow, red, silver, black, white and brown in stripe, blotched and reticulated patterns. These different colours and patterns are selectively bred, they are called morphs.

Housing and environment of Gargoyle Geckos is similar to Crested and Leachianus geckos. Humidity is key, these lizards do not enjoy high temperatures but they do like a wet environment similar to what they would inhabit in the wild. Planted and bio-active tanks work well for species like Gargoyle Geckos.

Gargoyle geckos are a little aggressive to each other especially during mating season. We recommend housing your geckos separately and placing together over night if you are choosing to breed them, be aware that they often drop their tails and may bite each other in the process of mating. If you are choosing to house females together in a large tank, we always recommend a second basking spot and 2 or more equal height branches to climb on, this helps to reduce the need to compete to be the most dominant animal.

From breeding our adult collection, we have now perfected the environment for our breeding groups allowing us to produce many clutches of eggs as the season goes on. We are able to create the perfect kit for your pet, whether baby or adult. To speak to us about housing a Gargoyle gecko, please contact us or see our housing.

We use T5 lighting in our gargoyle geckos breeding tanks and they live in a temperature controlled enclosed space with air conditioning and ventilation. This means that we don’t need to use hot spots for our gargoyles as our temperatures are programmed to mimic the natural day and night heat cycle they would receive in the wild, but we do supply them with a low percentage UVB bulb which is proven to aid in their growth, health and bone structure. We recommend giving your breeding geckos calcium powder twice a week with a d3 supplement once a week. This will work in hand with the UVB and ensure your animal is healthy. Breeding geckos require this UVB and vitamin regime as they use a lot of calcium and energy when producing eggs.

You can use a heat bulb or mat in your enclosure, the mat allows the terrarium to stay at a consistent ambient temperature with ability to get closer to the mat for more warmth if required. A heat bulb or ceramic can also be used ensuring that temperatures of heating products are regularly checked with a thermometer. We always recommend the use of a thermostat so that you do not over or under heat your pet.

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