Green Basilisk



Basilisk are also known as “jesus” Lizards for their astounding ability to run across water without breaking the surface.

Basilisk are a medium sized arboreal lizards originating in the tropical forests of Central America. They enjoy warm and humid climates with access to a large body of water as they enjoy a soak. They should be sprayed often to achieve humidity of 70% + and enjoy a diet of insects and vegetation.

We have always loved Basilisk, some of you may remember our long term display pet from our old store which eventually moved on to a new home with a loving owner.

These days, we have bred many species of lizard and snake, and due to our capacity of breeding we have a range of private breeders who breed some of our livestock for us. This enables them to enjoy the fun of breeding and allows us to keep expanding our captive bred range therefore strengthening the survival of certain species.

Our Basilisk project was managed in-store , and we have recently got to enjoy the hatching of eggs from our adult trio. It is always advisable to keep a male and 2 females together with many lizards, to enable to females to have rest between breeding sessions.

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