Leachianus Geckos


Leachianus Geckos are the largest gecko on the earth. Reaching a humongous 15-17 inches, they are a giant version of the closely related Gargoyle and Crested gecko. Originating in New Caledonia, these great lizards enjoy an arboreal rain forest environment. Their sticky pads allow them to climb high into the trees and jump like spider-man, sticking to leaves and branches as they move through the forest.

Housing and environment of Leachianus Geckos is similar to Crested and Gargoyle geckos, with a bigger tank of course. From breeding our adult collection, we have now perfected the environment for our breeding groups allowing us to produce many clutches of eggs as the season goes on. We are able to create the perfect kit for your pet, whether baby or adult. To speak to us about housing a Leachianus gecko, please contact us or see our housing.

Lineage is important in the breeding of leachianus geckos. Lineage tells us where the parents and often grandparents of our babies come from. As there are several types which originate from different islands in New Caledonia, keepers often strive for a pure bloodlines such as Moro, Mt Koghis, Nuu Ana, Nuu Ami and others, which provide different colours, patterns and sizes of the gecko. Knowing the parentage of our geckos allows us to provide lineage with each Leachnianus gecko that we sell.

Leachianus Geckos, like many species of gecko make a number of noises, usually related to their mood. As they are nocturnal geckos, these noises can be heard at night and are usually loud barks, growls or clicks often when something shocks them or they weren’t expecting it but also for breeding purposes.

See the video below to hear one of our leachies growling:

We are continuing our Leachianus gecko breeding project and naturally expanding our breeding collection with some hold backs from our babies. This enables us to continue supplying high quality, captive bred leachianus geckos with lineage information available.

For questions about Leachianus Geckos or anything else, please contact us.

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