Painted Agama


Painted Agama are a small desert lizard that originate in Africa. Painted Agama are often compared to Bearded Dragons due to their similar appearance, however Painted Agamas are much smaller. They are grey/blue coloured with beige stripes across their body and have prickly bumps down their backs. Their colour helps them to stay hidden in their natural environment.

Our trio of painted dragons came from Egypt and were a wild caught group. A couple of months after receiving them we decided to put the male to the females and were extremely happy to see her fattening up, this was a sign to us that she was gravid (pregnant). We separated the male and added some extra calcium to the livefood in the female enclosure, after a few weeks we found 4 eggs in the enclosure. The trio were then fed back to full health and moved on to a customer who was extremely happy to receive them.

They have gone to a fantastic home and we hope to see eggs again in the future. The babies were sold in store to some very happy customers who saw the rarity of captive bred painted agamas. Although this isn’t an ongoing project for us, because we cannot breed everything, we very much enjoyed working with this species and would likely work with them again in the future.

Update: Since our first breeding we have had another successful clutch of eggs from the pair of Painted Dragons which have now hatched giving us 10 babies- only 6 or 7 were expected but we have 2 sets of twins in the clutch!

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