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Cold Water & Tropical Fish, accessories, decor and supplies

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We have recently developed our aquatic section to include some larger fish, among them FRESH WATER RAYS!

Some of the Rays are for sale. These animals require special care so please do not be offended if we ask for images of the housing you plan to keep them in. Please contact us for purchasing or more information.

Large selection of Cold Water & Tropical Fish, Accessories, Decor and Supplies at our specialist Reptile and Aquatic shop in the centre of Blackpool.

Welcome to Blackpool Reptiles and Aquatics Fish and Aquatic section. After completing a large amount of renovation in our store, we are pleased to announce that our fish availability is growing in size. We have expanded to house twice as many tropical and Coldwater fish than previously and we have plans for some extra special species joining us in the coming months- once we have decided what they are.

Now that most of our tanks are up and running, we are regularly replacing our fish stock and endeavour to stock something for everyone in our Blackpool shop.

Along with many different species of cold water and tropical fish for sale, we also stock various live plants, fish décor and air pumps, artificial plants, caves and more. We also stock a large range of reptile accessories which are safe for use in fish tanks. Aquatic gravel, food and accessories are available. There are a range of aquatic live foods which can be ordered in store for you to collect or purchased on our website. We also stock aquatic frozen food which is for sale in store and on our website.

We aim to be able to sell our livestock on our website in the coming months with delivery available in future.

We stock a range of Fish accessories and decor to buy here online with next day delivery and free delivery available. Please see our Delivery Information page for details.

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We have a wide range of Cold Water and Tropical fish along with Live Plants, Accessories, Tanks, Nets, Pumps, Heaters and more.

To find out about our current stock, please call the store on 01253 863700