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Heat Mats

Reptile heat mat for sale UK. Reptile heat strips for sale UK.

Heat mats provide a direct heat source for animals which require a heated environment. Heat mats can be used alone or can be placed under rocks and objects which then heat up to provide desired warm spot.

Heat mats can get very warm, so you should always consider which heat mat or strip will be adequate for your enclosure before purchasing. Care must be taken as generally the animal will choose to lie on the heat source so we must ensure that we are offering correct temperatures so that we don’t overheat the enclosure. We always recommend the use of a thermostat with all heating sources. Not only do these save you money on power wastage, but they ensure that the precise temperature is offered to the animal.

We use heat mats with some of our wooden and plastic enclosures, we always recommend upgrading to a bracket and heat bulb for a vivarium set up. Heat mats and strips are used in our racking systems. Please contact us for information about racks.

For more information on heating your enclosure correctly, please contact us. 

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