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Set-up Kits

Set up Kits

Our set-ups have been developed to provide you with all the equipment needed for your new pet, from the basics to all the bells and whistles! Our kits are completely bespoke and are assembled from recommended products which we use in store. 

Our set up kits are fully CUSTOMISED BY YOU! We provide a guide start price for the essentials, but you can switch and change these as you choose. If you want to keep the kit as it is, then you can do that too!

If you want to buy online, please call us and we can discuss your custom kit over the phone, or via email.

This enables us to style your kit to your exact taste! Ensuring we include all the requirements for your pet, but putting the visualisation in your hands!

You will also find other kits here which are put together by various reptile brands. We cannot advise on products included in these kits as we do not sell them seperately, however if you would like to speak to us about which kit is best for your pet, please contact us before purchasing.

For more information, please browse our set ups or contact us.