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Bosc Monitor

Our set up kits are assembled using the recommended products which we use in store. Our kits are completely bespoke meaning they are unavailable to purchase anywhere else.

Want a particular theme or style? Just let us know, our kits can be fully customised to your requirements and budget. We also offer on-site services for commercial customers and cater for hotels, offices, night clubs and more.

Our kits are “complete kits” meaning that you do not need to add additional products unless you wish to. Many kits available from other brands lack some of the essential pieces, we make sure that all of our kits have all the high quality products that your reptile needs!

We offer lifetime support when you purchase your enclosure and animal from us and can offer a range of support including telephone and internet chats to discuss any issues or advice you may need. Unfortunately we are unable to offer advice about products which are not purchased from us.

For more information about set up kits, or of the products we sell, please contact us.

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