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Berber Skink WC

Berber Skink WC


Berber Skink 
Eumeces schneideri
Wild Caught



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Berber Skink WC

Berber Skink WC are medium sized desert lizards which are a mixture of yellow and silver with bright orange spots that originate from parts of Africa and Asia.

Unlike many other species of skink, Berber skinks are sun dwellers who exhibit basking behaviour. They are a medium to large sized skink which grows to around 30cm including the tail.

Berber skinks experience extreme temperature changes in the wild with basking temperatures of around 30-40ºc degrees in summer and a temperature drop down to 10ºc degrees in winter, although in captivity we do not need to reduce the temperature and can continue with the same temps all year round. Because they experience such high temps, they enjoy digging in sand and hiding under plants and rocks where the temperatures would be cooler.

Berber skinks will tolerate each other but are solitary animals and so should be kept singularly in the vivarium at home. Given their tendency to bask in hot sunlight, these skinks require a high UVB bulb so that they can properly metabolise the calcium from their food.

Berber skinks are fast but tame well with handling and may even enjoy some hand feeding. They should have a diet of insects, vegetables and fruits- preferring an almost vegetarian diet as an adult.

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