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Blue Iguana CF18

Blue Iguana CF18

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Blue Iguana
Iguana iguana
Captive Farmed 2018

Sex: Unsexed


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Blue Iguana CF18

Iguanas are indigenous to North and South America, particularly Mexico. They are a large arboreal lizard that grow to around 5-7 feet in length.

Iguanas are one of the most common Reptiles in the hobby, although many people are deceived by their small size as babies, these lizards grow BIG and need an enclosure that is at least 12 feet wide and 6 feet high- although the more space the better! This can be quite difficult to achieve and requires a custom built enclosure.

Iguanas are very intelligent animals and usually attach to 1 person primarily, favouring them over other people, this can be clear from the way they act. Iguanas can be temperamental but are amazing animals to keep, providing they are respected and their owner is full of knowledge.

Iguanas come in many shapes and colours such as Blue, Red and Green which are extremely bright in some animals who almost look fluorescent.

Iguanas are herbivores so they only eat salad, vegetables and a small amount of fruit. They require both heating and UV lighting which they would receive naturally in their habitat.

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