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Blue Tailed Skink WC

Blue Tailed Skink WC


Blue Tailed Skink
Trachylepis quinquetaeniata
Wild Caught

Rainbow Mabuya


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Blue Tailed Skink WC

Blue Tailed Skink WC also known as Five-lined Mabuya, Rainbow skink or Five Lined Skink is a small-medium sized tropical skink which grows to around 20cm.

Blue Tailed Skinks are dark brown with stripes leading down to a blue tail, although the stripes fade as they reach adult hood. They originate in Egypt and Southern Africa and occupy trees and populated manmade areas.

Although they are from Desert areas, they are not a desert species and so require a tropical set up as opposed to sand. They may eat some vegetation but generally they are insectivores and will feed on a diet of crickets, locusts and worms. They require UVB and calcium supplement.

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