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Cambodian Brachypelma Tarantula

Cambodian Brachypelma Tarantula


Cambodian Brachypelma Tarantula


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Cambodian Brachypelma Tarantula

There are many species of tarantula available across the globe, originating all over the world. Despite being a common pet, there is a large amount which is unknown about the biology of tarantulas and there are many species still being discovered today.

Tarantulas come in all shapes and sizes, some which will tolerate handling, and others who cannot be handled at all.

Defensive tactics of tarantulas differ dependant on the species and attitude of the particular spider. These include rearing up on hind legs to display a set of teeth ready to bite, rearing up on front legs and flicking hairs towards predators. Tarantula bites can be extremely painful and hairs can be very itchy and will cause a reaction in some people. However, this can be avoided with correct knowledge of your chosen species along with knowing your pet and understanding when it will tolerate handling or not.

Tarantulas are generally keen feeders, although slings eat far more than older spiders who tend to be more selective about prey type and frequency of feeding.

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