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Female Albino Anaconda Western Hognose Sub Adult CB

Female Albino Anaconda Western Hognose Sub Adult CB


Female Albino Anaconda Western Hognose Sub Adult
Heterodon nasiscus
Captive Bred Adult

Sex: Female

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on defrosted rodents


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Female Albino Anaconda Western Hognose Sub Adult CB

The Western Hognose is a small colubrid snake originating in parts of Western America. Hognose snakes are extremely fun to keep and each has their own individual personality.

Western Hognoses have thick scales with an upturned snout hence the name Hognose. Hognoses are able to dig down into loose soil with their shovel shaped nose as they hunt for prey. In the wild Hognose snakes eat a variety of lizards and frogs- even those that are toxic, however in captivity western hognoses will happily accept rodents as food and we recommend feeding Mice. Hatchling hognoses can be tricky to feed as naturally they may not consider a rodent as a food source, we find that scenting pinkies with fish brine encourages youngsters to accept Mice until they no longer need their prey item scenting.

Western Hognoses are rear- fanged venomous which enables them to disable their prey as they do not constrict like other snakes. Instead hognoses bite down and administer a mild venom which works well on their small food sources. This is nothing to be worried out for owners as hognose venom rarely has an effect on humans and generally only bothers those with other allergies to nuts etc or those with extremely weak immune system. If it ever does have an effect, it tends to be redness and swelling without any serious side effects.

As with many colubrids, hognoses use many defensive techniques in order to keep themselves safe from predators such as; flattening their neck down to mimic a cobra, rattling to mimic a rattle snake and they are the only snake to be able to roll over and play dead, with the added effect of releasing a small amount of blood from the mouth- making them extremely different from other species.

Western Hognoses are a great pet for those who are interested in adding a snake to their collection, or even as a first reptile.

For more information about hognoses, or our other available livestock please Contact Us.