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Hermann’s Tortoise CB18

Hermann’s Tortoise CB18


Hermann's Tortoise
Testudo hermanni
Captive Bred 2018

Sex: Mixed

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- Many available to choose from

- Tortoise set ups available


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Hermann’s Tortoise CB18

Tortoises are calm natured animals who enjoy affection and make the perfect pet, given the ideal home. They can live up to 150 years- dependent on species and grow to a variety of sizes.

Tortoises have different dietary requirements, however, the majority enjoy leafy greens, grasses and weeds and some enjoy fruit on a rare occasion.

There is a vast range of tortoises available, from many different parts of the world, each have their own care requirements. Hermanns tortoise are found in the Mediterranean and are used to a warm and dry environment. Hermanns are one of the smaller species of tortoise, growing up to around 7-8?.

There is a range of tortoise housing available from vivarium and table set ups to outdoor enclosures for those summer months! Don?t forget that tortoises need a heat source in the form of a bulb or ceramic lamp, along with a UVB bulb which should be changed every 6-8 months (depending on brand) and calcium plus D3 Supplement to enable your tortoise to stay healthy!

We have many adults available for viewing in store, along with examples of our set up kits and custom add-ons. We supply a range of high quality tortoise products- for advice on the best products for your tortoise,?please contact us now!