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Long Tail Lizard WC

Long Tail Lizard WC


Long Tail Lizard
Takydromus sexlineatus
Wild Caught

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Long Tail Lizard WC

Long tailed lizards (Takydromus sexlineatus) Are a species of lizard with a tail up to three times the length of its body. Reaching around 14 Inches in total, this species is small, fast moving and much fun to watch. Long tails are brown, green, white and yellow with striking stripes down their sides- colours differ between sexes.

Along with?Takydromus sexlineatus, there is a second species Takydromus dorsalis which are bright green and originate from southern Japan. See this species here…

Long Tailed Lizards generally do not enjoy human interaction, but are fantastic characters and can be mixed in a tank with other small species such as green and brown anoles, providing there is enough space and correct heating and lighting requirements are met.

This species, like many small lizards, enjoy a variety of live food such as small crickets, flightless fruit flies and other insects.

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