Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Small Crickets 35g


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Available in two sizes of cricket, regular and smal, Herp Diner Crickets are canned crickets. The special thing about Lucky Reptile canned food is that cuttlefish bone powder as a source of calcium has been added to most of the range including Herp Diner Crickets. Consequently these crickets have an optimal Calcium/Phosphorous ratio and are especially formulated to satisfy the reptile’s need. The special cooking process ensures good acceptance by the animals and optimal nutritional value of the ingredients is preserved. A positive side effect of the can is that it makes feeding very easy: open can and spoon out some crickets, that’s it! Herp Diner Crickets are readily accepted by most insect eating lizards (especially Bearded Dragons) and birds and provide the animals with beneficial calcium. They are also a great addition to the diet of turtles.

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Dimensions 40 × 70 × 70 mm

Lucky Reptile


Canned, Dried Insects

Suitable For

Bearded Dragon, Chameleon, Crested Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Leachianus Gecko, Leopard Gecko

LR Herp Diner Small Crickets 35g