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Male Classic Burmese Python CB19

Male Classic Burmese Python CB19


Male Classic Burmese Python
Python bivittatus
Captive Bred 2019

Sex: Male

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Male Classic Burmese Python CB19

Male Classic Burmese Python CB19. Burmese pythons are large, heavy set snakes who tend to be slow moving with a calm disposition as adults. Burmese pythons are not for every snake owner, they may seem deceivingly small as hatchlings and it is hard to imagine them fully grown. Although these snakes grow large, with sensible feeding, growth can be slow and with handling and tap training, Burmese can be kept rather tame as adults.

Burmese are noisy snakes who exhale loudly when under threat to create a loud hissing sound. They are beautiful pythons which come in a variety of colours and patterns, and although they may have a bad name for being an aggressive snake, this is generally down to the sounds they make.

Although Burmese can be tame, they have a powerful feeding strike and so care should be taken when it comes to feeding time. Burmese eat a diet of mice and rats as small snakes, eventually feeding on bigger rats, rabbits and other large mammals.

Burmese pythons can be kept in hatchling set ups whilst small, inevitably needing a large enclosure as they grow to adult size. To discuss the correct enclosure size for your pet, contact us now.