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Male Platinum Tiger Mainland Reticulated Python CB17

Male Platinum Tiger Mainland Reticulated Python CB17


Male Platinum Tiger Mainland Reticulated Python   
Python reticulatus
Captive Bred 2017

Sex: Male

Genetics: Platinum, Tiger

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on defrosted rodents



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Male Platinum Tiger Mainland Reticulated Python CB17

Reticulated Pythons are one of the largest species of snake in the world with record lengths reaching up to 24 feet. This is extremely large for a reticulated python, we prefer to keep our females around 16-18 feet and our males around 7-9 feet at adult size. Size of reticulated pythons can be managed with a sensible feeding schedule which prevents over-feeding causing extremely large sizes and often over weight snakes, which can cause health problems, so we recommend small and often. For information about feeding, please contact us.

Dwarf and Super Dwarf reticulated pythons generally become smaller than Mainland retics at adult size, although we keep our breeder mainland males at a similar size as our dwarf and super dwarfs. Naturally females are larger, although they do not have to be huge to breed. Pushing reticulated pythons past 15 feet is not always necessary and with sensible feeding even mainland retics can remain a manageable size for us all.

There are a number of mainland genetic lines which have been developed over many years from genes which naturally occur in the wild. There are still unknown genes being discovered in the wild, which is ever changing our breeding plans to include new morphs as we breed these genetic bloodlines into our collection.

For advice on enclosures, feeding, breeding, genetics and anything else about Mainland, Dwarf or Super Dwarf reticulated pythons, please contact us.