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Microclimate HH6 Twin Stat 600W

Microclimate HH6 Twin Stat 600W

RRP £64.99 saving £13.00

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Total 600w load
  • Can be used to regulate 2 enclosures
  • Temperature range from 19-43C

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Microclimate HH6 Twin Stat 600W

The HH6 Thermostat allows independent control of 2 separate heat sources. This is ideal if you want to use one thermostat to control 2 vivariums or if you want to control a heater and a basking lamp at different temperatures inside your vivarium.

The HH6 is capable of controlling 600w of power which is shared between both outputs. Heaters can be combined in any combination up to 600w.

The HH6 has a green power LED to indicate the HH6 is switched on, red and amber LEDs indicate that power is being sent to the relevant heater.

The HH6 has 2 sensors, these are colour coded with red and amber to match the heat LEDs. The temperature range on the HH6 is 19-43 degrees celcius, this wide temperature range means that the HH6 can be used for a variety of applications including basking lamp control. The HH6 is digitally controlled with the latest in microprocessor technology.

The HH 6 Thermostat is designed to control 2 heat sources with a combined total of 600 watts.? This may include heatmats, ceramics, bulbs and heat cable. The HH 6 thermostat will control two independent heat sources at different temperatures set by the user on the heater dials by switching the power on/off to the heaters. The HH 6 thermostat can be used to control 2 separate vivariums with independent heating control or it can be used to control 1 vivarium with separate temperature controls for the heater and basking spot.