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Natter’s Gecko WC

Natter’s Gecko WC


Natter's Gecko
Tropiocolotes nattereri
Wild Caught

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Natter’s Gecko WC

Natter’s Gecko WC are a sub species of the popular Steudeners dwarf geckos which originate from North Africa and are mostly active at night.

Natters Geckos grow to around 3-6cm maximum and feed on a diet of insects like crickets, locusts and small worms. They require a basking temperature of 30-35ºc with a night time drop of around 5-10ºc. Although Natters Geckos are from hot sunny deserts, they are primarily active at night and so there is some discussion on whether they require UVB, although there is no harm in providing it as these geckos tend to hide under rocks and sand until night time.

Natters Geckos enjoy a deep sandy substrate with rocks and décor resembling that of the wild. Always make sure there are plenty of placed for your Natters Geckos.

Natters Geckos are communal and can be kept in groups without issues, the best mix being 1 male and several females. They are extremely fertile and you are likely to find eggs regularly during breeding season if you keep them together.

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