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Painted Dragon WC

Painted Dragon WC


Painted Dragon 
Laudakia stellio brachydactyla
Wild Caught

SPECIAL OFFER- £125 each or Trio £300



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Painted Dragon WC

Painted Dragons originate from Egypt and Asia and are similar looking to Bearded Dragons. They are a brightly coloured agamid which is covered in spot like patterns with yellow, blue orange and grey.

The care of a painted dragon is similar to that of a Bearded Dragon, although we should not assume that they are the same.

Painted Dragons enjoy high temperatures with their required hot spot being around 40ºc and an ambient of 20-25ºc and feed on a diet of crickets, locusts some worms and some vegetables like kale and other dark leafy greens. They also require UVB which can be offered from a UVB Tube.

Painted Dragons differ from Bearded Dragons when it comes to breeding. Painted Dragons usually breed every other year with a clutch size of around 8-10 eggs. Some Dragons may only lay one clutch although usually they will go twice each breeding season.

Painted Dragons are naturally fast, although they generally tame down well with age and may even enjoy some hand feeding once settled.

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