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Red Citrus Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragon CB19

Red Citrus Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragon CB19


Red Citrus Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragon 
Pogona vitticeps
Captive Bred 2019

Sex: Currently too small to sex


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Red Citrus Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragon CB19

Bearded Dragons are one of the most common reptiles to keep. They are relatively easy to keep providing the set up is as required.

Bearded Dragons are inquisitive lizards who enjoy interacting with humans and are often tame right out of the egg.  Dragons originate in Australia and so require high heat and high percentage UV in order for them to grow and live healthily.

Bearded Dragons enjoy a mixed diet of leafy greens and insects. Foods like locusts, crickets and roach’s are part of a Dragons diet with occasional worms as treats- Dragons can become addicted to meal worms/ morio worms and they should not be fed as part of the regular diet. Be sure to offer your dragon a good mix of foods to enjoy the natural hunting that we would see in the wild.

Dragons grow quite large at around 20 inches as adults and require a large vivarium with plenty of decor for enrichment. To find out what you need to house a dragon, please see our set up kits or contact us for more information.