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Red Tegu CF20

Red Tegu CF20


Red Tegu CF20
Tupinambis merianae
Captive Farmed 2020

Sex: Currently too small to sex



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Red Tegu CF20

Red Tegu CF20 . Tegus are very intelligent animals who are known to be kind natured, interactive and grow to around 4ft meaning they need a large enclosure as an adult. Tegus like a range of substrates, décor and accessories which should be changed regularly to keep your tegu happy and exploring. Tegus love to burrow so be sure to provide a deep layer of mixed substrate including rocks and slate for them to climb on.

Tegus are extremely beautiful animals and come in a range of colours such as red, black and white and blue. As more breeders experiment with bloodlines, each Tegu really has its own mix of colours and pattern and no two look the same.

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