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Sandfish Skink WC

Sandfish Skink WC


Sandfish Skink 
Scincus scincus
Wild Caught


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Sandfish Skink WC

Sandfish Skink WC are a small to medium sized desert dwelling skink. Sandfish Skinks are known for their ability to ‘swim’ through the sand with their smooth shiny scales.

Sandfish originate in North Africa/Asia and experience extremely hot temperatures in the wild. Daytime summer temperature reaches between 30-40ºc and so an adequate hot spot should be provided. Sandfish hide in the sand where they would experience cooler temperatures and so they need a few inches of lose desert sand to be able to exhibit their wild behaviour.

Sandfish Skinks will live together as long as adequate space has been provided. As with most reptiles, mature males will fight so they will need to be separated and with a male and female pair the likeliness of babies is high so a trio of a male and 2 females or keeping 2 females together would be best.

Sandfish skinks are insectivores and feed purely on Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms or waxworms which should be dusted with a calcium supplement. Some adult sandfish will eat pinkie mice occasionally.

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