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Striped Wallago Catfish Sub-Adult 20″


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Striped Wallago Catfish 
Wallagonia leerii
Captive Bred

Sex: Unsexed

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on mussels/ fish
  • 20″ Sub adult

Striped Wallago Catfish Sub-Adult 20″

Catfish are generally non-agressive predatory fish with a huge appetite and mouth to match, tank mates of a suitable size should be considered.

There are over 3000 species of Catfish known around the world, from tiny examples like the Asian Stone Catfish reaching only 1.5″ at adult size, to giant catfish which can reach over 10ft.

The Wallago originates in Asia and can grow a whopping 72″+, so adequate space is a consideration.

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