Vivexotic Repti-Home (AAL) Medium Oak, PT4155


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Vivexotic Repti-Home (AAL) Medium Oak, PT4155

Vivexotic vivariums that have been design to conform to the recent introduction of the Animal Activities Licensing Regulations: 80 x 62.5 x 41.5cm (32 x 25 x 17″)

Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions 660 × 840 × 125 mm


Suitable For

Juvenie Snake, Juvenile Lizard, Juvenile Tortoise

Vivexotic Repti-Home (AAL) Medium Oak, PT4155

The new Animal Activities Licensing guidelines brought with them the UK’s first mandatory minimum sizes for reptile enclosures. While the minimum standards currently apply only to licensed businesses, this range offers an opportunity for stores to change the way private keepers think about reptile housing. The new enclosures come in a range of sizes suitable for some of the most commonly kept reptile pets.

Whether you are a reptile keeper or a breeder, a good vivarium is at the heart of homing your reptile properly, and this VivExotic ReptiHome is a great one. Made from high quality woods, it keeps the warmth inside your reptile’s environment, created by your heating equipment, making it perfect for desert reptiles that like things hot and dry.

Dimensions: 60 x 62.5 x 104cm

At a glance:

  • Toughened safety glass.
  • Improved ventilation and cable access points.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to assemble.