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Whites Tree Frog CB18

Whites Tree Frog CB18


Whites Tree Frog 
Litoria caerulea
Captive Bred 2018

Size: Small



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Whites Tree Frog CB18

Whites tree frog is a large frog originating in Northern and Eastern Australia.

Whites tree frogs are a light green colour and are available in a mix of morphs such as Snowflake, Albino and Pied.  Whites tree frogs enjoy an arboreal enclosure with plants and sticks to climb on. They require a temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a mix of different bio substrates and fresh water daily. Whites tree frogs feed on a diet of Crickets, Earthworms and other worms as a treat; Wax worms, Mealworms, Silkworms.

Whites tree frogs are a beautiful chunky species of frog who are fascinating to watch climb around their enclosure.

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