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Yellow Ackie Monitor CB20

Yellow Ackie Monitor CB20


Yellow Ackie Monitor 
Varanus acanthurus
Captive Bred

Sex: Currently too small to sex

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on insects, snails, egg

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Yellow Ackie Monitor CB20

Ackie Monitors or Spiny Tailed Monitors are a popular monitor due to their small size. With many monitor lizards becoming giant, Ackie monitors are a dwarf Australian species reaching around 20-30 inches as adults.

Ackie Monitors are grown dwelling monitors meaning they are a terrestrial species, however they do climb and would enjoy a large and tall enclosure. They are not like some of the smaller tree monitors and prefer to hide in rocks, leaves and dirt.

Like all Monitors, Ackie monitors are carnivorous meaning they eat all foods. They are keen feeders and require a mixed diet, care should be taken not to overfeed monitors. Like all monitors, ackies are usually fast moving and they require an experienced keeper who is willing to spend time handling their animal regularly in order for them to remain tame.

Monitors need a large enclosure with specific heating and UVB and their adult size and requirements should be carefully considered before purchasing.

Ackie Monitors are a beautiful small species which make a fantastic pet providing they are given the correct environment and care.

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