Zoo Med Paludarium 45x45x90cm, NT-5P


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Zoo Med Paludarium 45x45x90cm, NT-5P

Size: 45x45x90cm


  • An aquarium and terrarium in one!
  • Keep reptiles, plants and fish in one enclosure
  • Large glass tank with single glass door
  • 4-10 Gallon water features (dependent on size)
  • Accessories available

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Dimensions 482.6 × 482.6 × 939.8 mm


Zoo Med Paludarium 45x45x90cm, NT-5P

What if you could have a terrarium and aquarium all in one enclosure? Something for your reptiles, plants, and fish? Well now you can, with our brand new Paludariums! Build a dream home for your pets in one of the two sizes available: 12” x 12” x 24” Paludarium with a 4 gallon water feature, or our larger 18” x 18” x 36” Paludarium with a 10 gallon water feature. This large terrarium from ZooMed is based on the recent Skyscraper model measuring 90cm tall with a 46 x 46cm base, the front of the tank has been re-designed with taller pane of glass from the base to the door to allow for a semi aquatic set up. Perfect for an arboreal environment at the top and either a fully immersable aquatic environment in the base or an attractive naturalistic waterfall if coupled up with the ZM Terrarium Waterfall Kit (CZW007).