About Us

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics LTD has been trading since September 2018 after our previous shop The Reptile Room closed.

The Reptile room was running for around 12 years, starting as a small shop, becoming good friends with many of our customers over the last few years we have built a special trust with them that has enabled us to help them take their interest further… with the addition of being able to source animals for people which may not be on our stock list.

Our new shop has been designed by us following new Animal Welfare guidelines for pet shops and we are proud to have received the highest rating possible for our new store. Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics is home to some of the most exciting reptiles in the country, stocking livestock which is unavailable to buy elsewhere, and displaying 100’s of species of Reptile and Aquatic Livestock.

Whatever level you are at from beginner to expert you will find what you need here!

We also have some nice reptiles on display including our 3 resident giant Sulcata Tortoises; Toby and Hercules and Michelle, Our pair of Dwarf Cuvier’s Caiman Crocodiles and our extensive collection of Royal and Reticulated Pythons.

Here at Blackpool Reptiles, we breed a large percentage of our livestock ourselves and always have helpful advice for those wannabe breeders!

There is always a good variety of reptiles available along with reptile live foods such as; Crickets, Locusts, Worms, Snails, Beetle Grubs, Cockroaches and other reptile live food, frozen food such as Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and more and everything else you need for your reptile such as Substrate, accessories, custom enclosures, vivarium’s and other reptile products.

Vivarium’s of all sizes are always in stock and custom made vivarium’s can be arranged as required.

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics is a happy, friendly shop and our expert staff are always willing to talk to anyone, whether it’s for advice or just a general chat.

If you get the chance, please pop in and see us! Otherwise, why not chat to us on Facebook.

Thanks, The Team

Shop Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday 10.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday – 10.30am till 4.30pm

Bank Holidays – 12pm- 4pm

We are open every day except Christmas Day.

Parking is available in front of the shop or at local car parks.

We are close to Blackpool Attractions such as The Blackpool Tower,. The Blackpool Zoo, Coral Island, the Pleasure Beach, the Train and Bus Stations. On regular bus and tram route.

Company Details:

Registered in England & Wales, Company number – 11498742
Registered Address – 243-247 Lytham Road, Blackpool. FY1 6ES
Telephone – 01253 863 700
Email – sales@blackpoolreptiles.co.uk



Dean Turner- Director

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics has given Dean the chance to work in a field that he has always wanted to be involved with. Every day is challenging but exciting and is always something he enjoys.
The reptile industry was not Dean’s first passion as he was predominantly involved with aquatics, however this has since been superseded by the world of reptiles and the vast diversity of animals that he now gets to work with.

Dean has been lucky enough to work with a great crew and this has helped him make the most of the opportunities that have arisen, enabling him to now deal with the world’s leading herpetologists and breeders.
Dean has had a steep learning curve, having to learn genetics from scratch over the past 6 years. Luckily, through working with Jay Brewer at Prehistoric Pets in America, Dean has had access to some of the best knowledge, most exciting genetics available in this hobby and first class support.

He continues to explore exciting new morphs as well as understanding the progression of colour phases and gene compatibility. With new genes at play heading in to 2016 and creation and availability of EU and Worlds-first morphs, Dean could not be more excited to push himself, the team and the store towards new and exciting ventures in the years to come.

Dean is excited about the future for Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics, the store is constantly evolving with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm pushing the boundaries of where the store can go. After spending a large amount of time working on the new website along with the Team, Dean now plans to expand the size of the store to enable the team to house their ever growing collection of livestock and welcome some new species.

The start of the new year has welcomed many, many breeding’s and eggs in the incubator which the team are patiently awaiting… successes have been shared alongside clients as they have welcomed their own eggs this season, thanks to Deans support and advice!… Meanwhile, Dean is leading the team full steam ahead for another successful business year.

Heather Hodsdon- Online Sales Manager

Heather has worked with the team for around 4 years primarily within administration and internet sales.

Along with running the administration side of the business, Heather breeds some of the species we sell in store including Corn Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Longtail Lizards, Anoles, Painted Dragons and more. She has been in the Reptile industry for around 4 years since staring at the old shop. After a 6 month break, Heather returned to us in February and has hit the ground running since coming back.

Heather manages our website and social media accounts as well as helping Dean run the business and giving the shop general organisation. She has a passion for Reticulated Pythons and after being taught a great deal by Dean and Gaz, is now an expert in genetics and works closely with Dean on our international sales.

Shop Floor Staff

Connor Miles- Sales/ Education/ Events

Connor has recently joined us after completing his degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Connor brings much experience in reptiles to the team, specialising in lizards. Along with reptiles, Connor has a wealth of information about other species and habitats including bears!

Connor is currently working as part of our sales team, although in the future he will also head up our education centre which we hope to have open in the coming months. Connor is currently one of our main party team so those booking parties and events will be in good hands.

Connor enjoys keeping rare species of lizard and after his time at uni, is looking at expanding his collection once again.

Phil Holloway- Sales

Phil is the freshest face to our current team, but has been part of the family for a long time since completing some work experience with us many years ago, having been in our lives since,  we happily welcomed him back to the team with open arms. Phil is our lead shop floor salesman, and is extremely passionate about customer care.  Phil has many years experience with reptiles and has bred various species of snake and lizard in the past.

Once Phil has found his feet again – which will not take long- no doubt he will be selecting a species to breed at the shop. Its important to us to produce high quality captive bred livestock and having Phil on the team gives us yet another avenue and challenge to take on. We look forward to seeing what Phil produces.

Phil is one of our main shop floor staff and you’ll probably see him around day to day in the shop working hard as always. Feel free to pop in and get to know Phil, he always welcomes a new face and chance for conversation.

Gaz Doran- Maintenance 

Gaz has been with the company for 10 years and is in charge of animal maintenance at the store which involves feeding, cleaning and caring for animals- particularly snakes, as well as working closely with Dean in the breeding of Reticulated Pythons.

Gaz began keeping snakes from a young age, and with his family and friends support and encouragement, has continued in keeping them as pets and dedicated his career to the hobby.
Gaz has a large personal collection of various kinds of snakes, lizards and monitors, and has spent the last year investing his time in his own breeding projects.

He hopes to continue to develop his independent business this year and is very excited about the prospects. Gaz enjoys working with animals so much, that he goes home and does all the work again on an evening in his own unit, with the help of his 2 sidekicks- His 2 young daughters.

Gaz has a wealth of knowledge in animal care and specific products used in reptile husbandry. He is passionate and enthusiastic about animals and always offers a wealth of knowledge and advice to those in need.

Fraser Brough- Aquatic/Reptile & Sales

Fraser has been part of the team for many years now, joining us in his young teen years and following us from the old shop to the new store. Fraser is at university full time but during the breaks we are lucky enough to still have him around as part of the team.

Fraser is one of our shop floor staff who is also a trained scuba diver thanks to his degree in Marine Biology. Fraser has an interest in the sea but has experience with breeding many species of Reptile as well.

Fraser also breeds corn snakes for the shop along with crested geckos, carpet pythons and some fish species. After asking his dad to look after his snakes whilst away at University, it turns out he has become quite interested himself! They have bred some stunning Tessera morph corn snakes this season which are available in store.  Although Fraser is sadly not a permanent part of the team, he will be with us outside of term times for the foreseeable future.

We currently have no vacancies. To enquire about work experience opportunities, please contact us. Note: We are only able to place candidates who are completing work experience or a relevant course through college or university. Please book well in advance as we always have a great deal of applicants.

Want to work with us for a day? why not enquire about one of our Reptile Experience Days