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About Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics has been running for around 10 years, starting as a small shop, we have now expanded and continue to do so to cater for all of our stock and all of your needs!

Becoming good friends with many of our customers over the last few years we have built a special trust with them that has enabled us to help them take their interest further… with the addition of being able to source animals for people which may not be on our stock lists.

The shop has grown rapidly, in 2007 they opened a new expansion practically doubling its size and making the Reptile Room the largest reptile store in the North West! Their reputation has grown just as quickly, with customers having great success in breeding their reptiles (frilled dragons, corn snakes, Royal pythons, bearded dragons and various geckos) with many of our original customers being recognised breeders.

The shop’s new expansion increased the Reptile Room’s size to over 200 displays filled with over 500 species of animals including a variety of turtles, spiders, lizards, snakes and inverts as well as several breeding rooms and racks containing many different species of snake including Reticulated Pythons, Royal Pythons, Corns, Hognoses and much more…

We also have a dedicated aquatic sections, stocking fish from cold water and tropical- with plans for marine in the future. We have aquatic supplies and accessories available for all types of fish and aquatic animals.

There are now four large livestock rooms, a decor room, an equipment room and a boarding area. Our Chameleon section is currently under expansion and we have plans in place for modifications in our snake and lizard rooms.  We have recently completed work on a new breeding room downstairs, this will be open at the BBQ/Open Days along with the upstairs VIP rooms.

Whatever level you are at from beginner to expert you will find what you need here!

We also have some nice reptiles on display. including our 2 resident Sulcata’s Toby and Hercules, Our 3 Dwarf Caiman Crocodiles, our 90kg+ Adult Female Reticulated Python ‘Platty’, The newest addition our BD- Thousand Island Sting Ray and much more…

There is always a good variety of reptiles available and all the varieties of live and frozen food you could ever need as well as a large variety of equipment with a full range of Zoomed, Exo terra, Habistat and T-rex products.

Vivariums of all sizes are always in stock and custom made vivariums can be arranged as required.

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics is a happy, friendly shop and staff are always willing to talk to anyone, whether it’s for advice or just a general chat. We have monthly special deals on full set-ups, so there are great bargains to be had.

If you get the chance, please pop in and see us! Otherwise, why not chat to us on Facebook.

Thanks, The Team


Shop Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday 10am till 6pm

Sunday –  11am till 4pm

Bank Holidays –  12pm- 4pm

Company Details:

Registered in England & Wales, Company number – 11498742
Registered Address – 243-247 Lytham Road, Blackpool. FY1 6ES
Telephone – 01253 863 700
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