Reptile Courier Service

Type 2 Authorisation for transportation of Reptile & Aquatic live stock

We have and internal Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics courier service as well as using a reliable external service with the ability to transport to the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (meet at UK side) and parts of the EU. Our Internal courier service allows us to offer courier reptile and aquatic livestock to our local customers and those far and wide when we are travelling the UK.

When you enquire with us, we are able to give you some details of the next available runs, however dates and times will not be confirmed until the run is planned, at which point the office or driver will contact you via text/email with your slot.

If you have paid for your purchase via credit card over the phone or otherwise, the cardholder must be present with the card at the registered address on delivery, we will ask you for identification and for you to sign to state that you have received your items. During the pandemic, we will take a photo of you receiving your order to allow contact-less delivery. 

Internal Courier Service

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics Reptile Courier Service
Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics Reptile Courier Service

All UK Mainland Couriers start from £45 Scotland starts from £75, Wales starts from £45 

All of our courier enquiries are dealt with by our online team. Store staff are unable to give prices and details for courier so please ensure that you complete the courier form in order to get a quote.

Our internal service allows us to deliver custom reptile set up kits straight to your door along with your pet. We can fully build your kit and deliver it complete, instead of flat-packed, allowing you to simply plug in the electrics and fill the water bowl.

When you order from our website, we will contact you regarding your courier which we book manually.

All orders will process as “collect from shop” but don’t worry, this is just so that we can give you a specific price for your booking.


Tel: Contact via email, store team do not process courier enquiries.

For internal courier service terms & conditions, see below.

External Courier Service

All UK Mainland Couriers start from £45 and Scotland starts from £75. 

The external courier service is run by Animal Courier, an extremely reliable courier service who we have used for many years, their details can be found below. Once we receive your order, if it does not match our scheduled deliveries, we will forward your details to the courier and they will contact you with a slot.

Telephone: 07401 574994

GPS Tracking is available on the website here

For external courier terms & conditions, please see their website.


Our Authorisation

Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics LTD hold a Type 2 Long Journey Transporter Authorisation.  Reference: UK/PREST/T2/00104993 VALID FOR ALL JOURNEYS (INCLUDING JOURNEYS OVER 8 HOURS) to courier Reptile and Aquatic Livestock. 

This is required to legally travel with live reptiles and aquatics commercially. This means our van has been checked to ensure we can provide for live animals during transport by the Animal & Plant Health Agency and our plans for contingency agreed.


In the unlikely event that we are unable to carry out the planned courier route which we have booked you on, we may need to make last minute changes or in extreme circumstances, cancellations. This decision is made purely based on the health of the livestock in transit and it is part of our agreement of our authorisation that we are able to change plans if there are issues which would cause us to rearrange such as; bad weather conditions (part or all of the route), inability to reach your address in a safe timescale (if you live on the far outskirts of the country) or vehicle issues. If we do have to reschedule or cancel your booking, we will endeavor to let you know as soon as possible and give you an idea of when we may be able to complete your job. Please note: any cancellation or rearrangement decision will be based primarily on the health and welfare of the livestock. 

Quality control

We regularly perform health and environmental checks on all of our livestock as part of our daily care which are recorded and regulated as part of our Pet Shop License agreement. We perform final quality control checks on all of our livestock to ensure that it is of the highest quality when sending it out via courier. If for any reason we find that livestock is not suitable for transportation we will contact you prior to packing the animal and alternative options will be given.

If we are performing a courier only service from A to B for an animal not purchased from us, we will refuse to courier any livestock which appears to be in a condition which cannot be transported. Although this may be inconvenient to our customers, we must ensure that livestock is healthy enough to be transported as this is a requirement of our authorisation.


We are unable to guarantee livestock for transportation however we will replace livestock or offer a refund (up to the value of £100) for any livestock which is purchased from us should fault be found to be ours. If this does occur, an investigation will take place.

We ask all customers to check all livestock on delivery, and in the unlikely event that an issue is found, this must be reported immediately via email or Facebook and photo/video evidence must be provided. Do not report any issues by telephone as evidence must be provided. Issues reported by telephone or on voicemail are not suitable for reporting live stock issues and will not be recorded as such. We guarantee livestock for 48 hours from the time of purchase. Please see our livestock guarantee here.

If you have had livestock on our courier service not from us, and you wish to report an issue which you believe to be our responsibility,  we require full veterinary health certificates granted 48 hours prior to shipping (in line with exportation laws) to show full health history of the animal along with proof of fault in the form of a veterinary report following shipping. We will also require paperwork for livestock which has been imported along with feeding records and details of origin.


Q: I want to purchase an animal from your website but when I go to the cart it says “collect from shop” how do I arrange courier?

A: We divert all of our online livestock sales to “collect from shop” as we price and book each courier manually. This allows us to take specific notes and give individual pricing for bookings. 

Q:Can I book a specific date and time for my courier?

A: Unfortunately not. Livestock courier is unlike normal delivery services, as we travel around the country on a planned route which allows us to ensure your livestock is kept healthy and happy and to keep your courier fee as low as possible. We will give you as much information about the likely timescale of your delivery when we take your booking and update you as soon as we have any information for you. We will ensure that you are booked on the next suitable service. 

Q: How do I pay for courier?

A: We will let you know when you book. Generally we ask for you to pay the driver, but if you are shielding or need to pay in advance, this can be discussed on a one to one basis. If you are booking a courier only and not purchasing from us, we require 50% of the courier fee up front paid via debit card or bank transfer- we do not accept credit card or paypal payments for courier bookings. Contact us via email to arrange courier payments. 

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my courier booking?

A: If you need to cancel the courier this must be done at least 72 hours before the courier is due to leave the shop or the 50% deposit will be retained. 

A: If you have purchased livestock from us and need to rearrange your courier, please let us know at least 72 hours before the courier is due to leave the shop or we will be required to charge an extra courier fee on the next delivery. If you need to rearrange and the livestock will be kept with us for more than 2 weeks, additional boarding fee is required which will be discussed on an individual basis. 

Q: How long will my animal be in transit for?

A: We aim to keep your livestock in transit for as short a time as possible which is why we arrange our route based on the bookings we receive. We may not be able to deliver your animal immediately but we will ensure that we deliver it safely by planning our route so that your animal is on the van for a short period only. Our van is thermostatically controlled so is able to offer the temperatures which your animals need to be maintained at. Our courier monitors temperatures and provides water during transportation. If the courier is on the road overnight, livestock will be taken in to the premises in heat controlled boxes and not left in the van. All livestock is packed in a manner which ensures safe transportation.