Green Horned Frog CB21

Turn your frog tank Bio-Active!

Dart frog housing

There are many options when creating the perfect tank for your pet. Along with different styles of plants, wood, substrate and accessories, there are also different ways to heat the tank.

We have produced a collection of videos to help you to set up your tank if buying from us online, or to show you the options if you are planning on purchasing in the future.

If you have any questions about our bio-active set ups, please contact us.

Setting up the tank

There are many different ways to set up your frog tank, and it largely depends on the environment in your house or wherever you are housing the frog. Generally reptiles require both a basking area- the warmest point in the tank where they absorb heat from, and a consistent ambient temperature- although naturally this will change throughout seasons.

It is very important to know the ambient temperature in your house when purchasing. If you live in a cold house then you may require both night and day time heat, whereas if you live in a warmer house then you would require a day time basking site only with possible addition of night time heat during colder months.

Using a heat mat:

Using a dome:

Making the tank bio-active

Setting up the drainage/substrate:

Placement of plants and decor:

Adding moss to the enclosure:

Adding bio-active custodians:

Bio-Active housing:

Oiur bio active starter kit

Bio-active Starter Kit

Bronze Bio-Active Kit

Bio-active Bronze Kit

Gold Bio-Active Kit

Bio-active Gold Kit

Platinum Bio-Active Kit

Bio-active Platinum Kit

Bio-Active custodians- clean your animal & plant waste naturally

Bio-Active Substrates