Corn Snake


Corn snakes are small to medium sized colubrid snakes which originate in North America. Corn snakes are inquisitive pets who like to spend their time moving around their enclosures and snaking around their owners. They are a mice eating species who grow to around 6.5ft maximum, although many only get to 2 3rds of this size. Corn snakes come in many patterns and colours called ‘Morphs’ and have some of the most intricate genetics of all the species that we breed. Most genetics in corn snakes are ‘Recessive’ – this means that 2 copies of the gene are needed, 1 on each side of the parentage in order to express the gene visually. Most of the corn snakes you see for sale will have ‘het’ in their title, the genetics following this word mean that the snake is carrying them, but they won’t be seen unless bred with another het or visual of the same morph.

This year we have been continuing with our scaleless projects, it has been an important year seeing many of our previously produced animals breeding for their first times.   We were happy to once again hit scaleless tessera corn snakes this year, once again working with anery and amel. As always we have been working once again with Motley this year and have produced some stunning reduced pattern motleys which are for sale online and in-store now. Our scaleless corn snakes are also available for sale online and in-store now.

With the dark night’s drawing in, we are now preparing for bromating our corn snakes, this is their hibernation period where temperatures are dropped to allow the snake to slow down for a few months. Brumating helps to refresh the snake’s reproductive organs creating fresh sperm and eggs for the coming season. Although brumation is not necessary for breeding, it does make a difference to the quality of eggs meaning less infertile eggs are produced. Pet corn snakes do not need to undergo brumation.

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