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Panther Chameleon

There are many species of Chameleon originating in various parts of the world, and all have the ability to change their colour and appearance by ‘puffing’ up and flatening in order to threaten or hide from predators. We keep a number of male and female Panther chameleons which have different names based on their originating island. For instance, Nosy Be chameleons are from the island of Nosy Be. Chameleons are one of our favourite species to keep and breed.

Chameleons are well-known for their ability to change colour which is a great way to tell what kind of mood your animal is in. Many think that Chameleons change to camouflage to their surroundings which is partially true, however we can also see colour changes due to health and temperature which can be an excellent way of working out what your chameleon needs. Often when Chameleons aren’t happy, they will turn dark or black which can alert us to check temperatures, check humidity and increase or decrease feeding.

Female chameleons are much paler than males and generally display light browns, pinks, blues, greens and oranges. Although they are not chosen over males generally as a pet, some of them are just as beautiful as the males.

Baby panther Chameleons range in size from around 2-4cm and weigh approximately 1-4 gram. Female panther chameleons can lay anywhere from 8-40 eggs and although a clutch of 40 is great, smaller clutches tend to contain healthier examples- such as with lots of reptile hathlings.

Female panther chameleons bury their eggs deep below the ground by digging a tunnel which they then recover once laid. Panthers are hatched completely independently.

We have more gravid female Panther Chameleons and cannot wait for more laying in the near future.

For updates on pre-ordering and future breedings, keep an eye on our website.

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