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Reticulated Python’s are known to be one of the largest species of snake in the world. Many zoos across the world have a retic on show and many of you will have seen videos of them on the internet. We have been working with Reticulated Pythons for a combination of 20 years between our staff and we never stop learning about, what to us is, one of our all time favourite species of snake.

We always have a lot of breedings going on or in the pipeline and 2020 is certainly going to be an action packed year where retics are concerned. We currently have several females gravid and it is looking to be an exciting spring for us. We always publish our new hatchlings on our website, and you will see that they are listed as pre-order- this allows you to place a deposit on a new hatchling to avoid it being sold in the store. Don’t forget, we also do payment plans to help you spread the cost of your purchase over time. To speak to us about our Retics, or any of our livestock or products, please contact us.

A bit about retics…

‘Retics’ are available in many colours and patterns referred to as ‘morphs’. To break it down very basically, retics are available in 3 different types; Mainland, Dwarf and Super Dwarf . Originally the size difference occured naturally in the wild as Mainlands – the biggest of the 3 types, had more food available hence growing in size, Dwarf and Super Dwarf however due to the islands they chose to inhabit less food was available and over time they naturally became a smaller snake, dwarf being smaller than mainland and super dwarf being the smallest retics- please note, this is a very simplified discription, but retics can be extremely complex if we delve fully into their biology and history.

Over many years the pet trade has taken wild caught samples and selectively bred them to create new and exciting genetics, mixing mainland, dwarf and super dwarf all the while. Due to this, many retics available on the market are no longer ‘pure’ blooded types as they have been crossbred to selectively breed certain colours and patterns. There are some breeders who still deal with ‘pure’ locale lines of dwarf and super dwarf. We breed a mix of retics, of all 3 types but we don’t believe in keeping Giants! There are many huge snakes in videos and online, and we do have some large animals, but this year we have been able to successfully breed females at a smaller size. We try to pass on through our knowledge, that keeping a snake at a sensible size and letting it grow naturally is the best way to keep them. Retics don’t need to be giants and can be dangerous at a large size for an inexperienced keeper, so we prefer to keep them smaller where possible.

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