Sakishima Grass Lizards



By far one of our favourite species to work with over the last 4 years, our Sakishima Grass Lizard project is still going strong. We have had our original pair for a while, after falling in love with them on buying them for the store, we ended up keeping them back for breeding. Recently the male passed from old age but the female continued to produce eggs after retaining the sperm from previous breeding’s- a lot of reptiles do this. Thankfully we have some excellent quality males and females which are now growing on to join our breeding collection, the original female enjoying the rest of her days as a pet only. We like to retire breeders where possible to ensure that they have a good quality of life, this prevents over breeding and ill health.

Sakishima grass lizards are now threatened in the wild so it fills us with joy to be able to breed them in captivity. Although there are many types of longtail (takydromus) species, Sakishima are special because they mostly inhabit only Ishigaki Island in Japan. They are similar to a brown longtail as far as body shape goes, although they tend to get rounder and bodies are longer, the tails are not as long as a normal brown longtail.

The great thing about the smaller arboreal lizard such as longtails, anoles and smaller arboreal geckos is that they are a great addition to a mixed species tank. Longtails can live with other species of longtail, anole species and many types of tree frog providing the heating and lighting requirements are the same.

Sakishima grass lizards are always on the move and love to run around the tank hunting for food and balancing on their tails. They are a fascinating species to keep and are straightforward to care for. It is not advised that you handle longtail lizards as they are very fast and can drop their tails when stressed, however some keepers like to handle them for a short time as long as it’s inside the tank to prevent them from getting away.

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