Bronze Horned Frog Kit

£129.99 - £149.99

*Image is a representation of this kit. Actual products may differ.

This kit includes:

  • 30x30x30cm glass tank
  • Dome & Bracket
  • Heat/UVB Bulb
  • Substrate
  • Dial thermometer
  • Plant
  • Cork bark
  • Water dish

Suitable For Horned Frogs And Other Terrestrial Amphibians

This set up can be used for a variety of species including;

  • Singular horned frogs
  • Salamander (adjustments needed)
  • Terrestrial frogs
  • Terrestrial Toads
  • Some Inverts

To find out if this set up is suitable for your pet, please contact us. 

Bronze Horned Frog Kit

Bronze Horned Frog Kit is suitable for horned frogs and other terrestrial frogs from hatchling to juvenile size.

Horned frogs must be kept separately. We recommend a thermostat with every reptile heat source. This kit includes a thermostat. For questions about our set up kits and to find out whether this kit is suitable for your pet, please contact us.

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