Hagen Glo Light Controller 1x40W, A1569


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Hagen Glo Light Controller 1x40W, A1569

  • Easy mount ballast housing
  • Sufficient wiring to allow rear cabinet mounting
  • Water resistant end caps
  • Allows close placement of bulbs to water surface
  • Adapters and bulb clips included to allow for T8,T10,T12 applications (30W & 40W units)
  • On/Off switch
  • Replaceable starter
Weight 1.21 kg
Dimensions 125 × 245 × 80 mm






Hagen Glo Light Controller 1x40W, A1569

GLO T8 Ballast Lighting Systems are available in single conventional ballast and double electronic ballast configurations. These units provide a flexible lighting solution for aquarium cabinets, multiple aquariums on racking, shop set-ups and custom installations. These convenient, practical, well equipped lighting systems include everything you need to make your installation simple and adaptable to most applications.

Simply mount the ballast and bulb clip holders to a solid surface and attach the water resistant bulb end caps to the bulbs and you are ready to light up your aquarium installation.