Jade Foot African Land Snail 5-10cm

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Jade Foot African Land Snail
Captive Bred

Size: 5-10cm





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Jade Foot African Land Snail 5-10cm

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The Giant African Land Snail is the largest snail in the world with recorded sizes of over 15 inches! Land snails are part of a group of invertebrates called molluscs, also containing sea creatures.

Snails have sensitive skin and so dechlorinated water should be offered. Use a water dechlorinator added to tap water or leave tap water uncovered for 24-48 hours before using. Exposure to the air gets rid of the chlorine.

Land snails are both male and female meaning that any 2 giant African land snails are able to breed. They lay around 200 eggs per clutch and can lay up to 5 clutches per year. Snails are hermaphrodites and so are able to breed by themselves. They can produce 100s eggs even if kept singularly. If you do not want to raise baby snails, you will need to keep an eye out for eggs and freeze them for 48 hours before disposing of them. This does not cause any pain to the snail eggs as they are not yet developed.

Snails enjoy veg, salad and cuttlefish as a part of their regular diet. The cuttlefish provides a good source of calcium which helps to keep the shell strong and healthy. Snails can die if their shell breaks so it is important to provide cuttlefish to aid in strengthening it. Snails also need a supply of protein which can be fed via pinky mice or a protein snail mix.

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