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Lucky Reptile Hatchbox Incubation Tray

Lucky Reptile Hatchbox Incubation Tray


Main Features:

  • 20 x 11cm reptile?incubation box
  • Constructed?of easy to clean tough plastic
  • Designed for Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II?
  • Nursery holds 10 boxes each accommodating 12 reptile eggs
  • Revolutionary substrate free incubation

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Lucky Reptile Hatchbox Incubation Tray


The Lucky Reptile Hatchbox Incubation Tray has been designed specifically for the Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II, and is simple yet very efficient.? Ten Lucky Reptile Hatchboxes fit into the Herp Nursery, with each tray holding up to 12 eggs.

The revolutionary difference between the Hatchbox and other incubation boxes is the substrate-free incubation method which makes it:

  • Hygienic
  • Prevents moulding of the eggs
  • Incubation over water (the Hatchbox has an egg insert over a shallow water filled bowl) creates steady and sufficiently high humidity
  • Inclusion of thermometer gives ability to monitor temperature of incubator and eggs themselves.

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