Lucky Reptile Light Strip LED PRO 24W


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Lucky Reptile Light Strip LED PRO 24W

  • Energy-saving
  • Low heat development
  • Suitable for birds, reptiles & other pets
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Dimensions 55 × 105 × 320 mm

Lucky Reptile Light Strip LED PRO 24W

Discover our pioneering terrarium lighting with the Lucky Reptile Light Strip LED.
The PRO-Line comes in two versions: 40 cm with 16 watts and 60 cm with 24 watts. With an impressive 3400 lumens (24W) or 2200 lumens (16W) in the PRO version, the light strips ensure the ideal illumination of your terrarium and simulate natural light with a light color of 6000K. The LED strip “PRO” ensures an even and wide light distribution with a beam angle of 100° and offers the animals optimal lighting conditions.
Thanks to their particularly high light output, the Light Strips PRO are perfect for light-hungry animals in desert setups.
With the included bracket you can easily mount the light strips on the ceiling of your terrarium, or simply hang them up on standard glass terrariums.

Maximum flexibility – From gapless connectors to 1m connector cables: With the optionally available connectors, several strips can be connected to each other in a row. This means that the LED strips can be easily installed in larger terrariums, terrarium towers and racks. All of this with just one cable for effective cable management.

Optimal compatibility – Put together your lighting installation individually according to your needs. The Basic and PRO versions are compatible with each other and therefore offer maximum flexibility. To avoid unnecessary cable clutter, the PRO version can be connected in series up to a maximum of 300W, which means that, for example, the 16W version can be plugged in a total of 18 times in a row with just one supply line.

Splash water protection – The IP65 splash water protection makes the light strips perfect for tropical terrariums.

Energy-saving – With 140 lumens per watt, the light strips have a high luminous efficacy and are particularly energy-saving.

Low heat development – Due to the low heat development, the Light Strip are very suitable for many amphibians and upland species with lower heat requirements.

Suitable for birds – Thanks to the flicker-free LEDs, the light strips are also ideal for keeping birds and always offer your feathered friends the ideal light.

scope of delivery
• Light Strip LED Pro
• Bracket for ceiling mounting including screws
• Power plug with switch