Male Aberrant California King Snake CB


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Male Aberrant California King snake
Lampropeltis californiae
Captive Bred Sub Adult

Sex: Male

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on defrosted rodents

Male Aberrant California King Snake CB

King snakes make are a little more advanced than the commonly kept Corn Snake. Although they are similar in care, size and colours, king snakes are known to be more agressive than corns.

King snakes reach between 4-7ft as adults and are usually active in the day and at night. They are notorious ‘watchers’ of their owners and are alert and responsive animals. Their favourite time is likely feeding time, which is fun for us and them, but care should be taken that you use a hook to feed so that the snake doesn’t mistake your warm hand for it’s food.

King snakes are fantastic snakes to keep, their personalities are individual and are well loved within the hobby. Their lifespan is around 20-25 years in captivity. They are, like many other snakes, fairly easy to look after, providing we arrange the correct set up.*

On buying your king snake, we recommend you spend time with your animal to learn its behaviour. Using a hook to gently rub your snakes nose prior to handling will help the animal to understand that you are about to handle and not feed.

King snakes are from North America and enjoy a tropical shrubland environment. King snakes should be kept separately as they are sometimes cannibalistic. If breeding, we recommend you keep a close eye on your snakes and separate them over night.

*we recommend the use of a thermostat with every reptile set up which requires heat.

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