Male Black Diamond Big Spot P13 Varient Stingray 12″


Male Black Diamond Big Spot Stingray
Potmotrygon spp.
Captive Bred

Sex: Male

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on mussels/ fish
  • 12″ disk
  • P13 Varient

Male Black Diamond Big Spot P13 Varient Stingray 12″

Stingray are fascinating animals with many species originating from different parts of the world. Some stingray around the world are reported at lenghts of 14 feet! The stingray that we sell get to sizes around 20-25″ or smaller and should be kept following the advice below.

Housing your stingray

Stingray are complex animals requiring a large amount of space to move around, much like they would in the wild. As a general rule of thumb, the tank should be at least twice the width and 5 times the length of the ray.

Water quality is one of the main principles of keeping your stingray healthy. Stingray require a large amount of filtration as resting waste in the tank can spike ammonia and nitrite levels which should be zero. Water should turnover at least 8 times the volume of the water per hour . Along with this, nitrate levels should be kept to around 20mg/litre or lower.

Stingrays come from soft, slightly acidic water which should have a PH level of between 6.5-7 and water changes should be performed often at a rate of 10% every couple of days rather than 30% once a week. This helps to maintain stability within the tank.

Many keepers prefer to keep stingray in a blank tank with little décor. This helps to keep track of dirt which can easily be removed with a tank vacuum.

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