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Mexican Black King Snake CB23


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Mexican Black King Snake
Lampropeltis getula nigrita
Captive Bred 2023

Mexican Black King Snake CB23

There are many species of King Snake available which originate in North America. King snakes are fast and inquisitive snakes which grow to around 4-6 feet. King Snakes are available in many types and colours depending on where they are from in the wild.

King Snakes are fairly easy to care for providing you purchase the correct set up for your snake which is a suitable size for it to be able to carry out its natural behaviours. King Snakes enjoy climbing and suitable decor should be provided.

King Snakes need a heat source with basking temperature of 85-90° Farenheight and an ambient of 75-80 degrees. Dry substrate should be used so that the tank does not become overly humid. King snakes feed on Mice and Rats of a suitable size dependant on the size of your snake.

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