Microclimate Ministat 100


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Microclimate Ministat 100

  • On/off type control thermostat
  • Can control all heat sources up to and including 100 watts
  • Power and output cables 2m long
  • Temperature sensor 2.5m long
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
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Microclimate Ministat 100

We offer a range of thermostats which control the temperature of your reptiles enclosure. We recommend the use of a thermostat with all reptiles as it enables us to offer more precise temperature control and ensures that we are offering the correct environment for our pet.

Ministat 100:

The Ministat 100 is an on/off thermostat that can be used for controlling the temperature of non-light emitting heat sources up to and including 100w. The Ministat 300 is the perfect companion to any vivarium providing an excellent level of thermal control . The temperature adjuster on the Ministat is recessed which prevents the temperature being accidentally knocked and changed which would be easily done with a protruding control knob. The Ministat 300 is an affordable solution to give peace of mind when running all types of heat sources within your vivarium. Long Cable lengths.

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