Psittacus Parrot Breeder 3kg


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Psittacus Parrot Breeder 3kg

Generic formula for psittacine birds (Psittacus, Ara, Amazona, Cacatua). Suitable for breeding pairs during breeding season. It has been formulated to stimulate and facilitate reproduction.

Weight 3.063 kg
Dimensions 270 × 100 × 460 mm



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Psittacus Parrot Breeder 3kg

This is a versatile formula for medium-sized and large psittacine birds (Psittacus, Ara, Amazona, Cacatua).

It is formulated for the breeding season. Its composition meets the nutritional requirements of the birds during this time.

It is designed to constitute 100 % of the parrot’s diet. Other foods like fruit and vegetables may be added to give variety to the diet as long as Parrot Breeder is not less than 70 % of the overall diet by weight.

Daily intake ranges between 5 and 12 % of the animal’s body weight in medium-sized species (like the African grey parrot).

In the case of reiterated and/or numerous clutches, it is advisable that birds have access to  Calcium Grit Coarse as a calcium source. Birds can regulate their calcium intake according to their needs.