Really Useful Box 4L 395x255x88mm


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Really Useful Box 4L 395x255x88mm

  • Perfect for breeding snakes
  • Great for transportation
  • Strong and secure
  • Clipable lock handles
  • Available in a number of sizes
  • Easy-clean plastic
Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 255 × 395 × 88 mm

Really Useful Boxes

Really Useful Box 4L 395x255x88mm

Really useful boxes are used in store to house a number of hatchling animals along with being perfect for transportation and incubation. RUBs are commonly used in the reptile hobby, mostly among reptile breeders as an easy clean, safe and secure home for reptiles. Although we do not recommend that your animal lives in a RUB for its lifespan, it is always useful to have a RUB around if you have problem feeders or need to transport your animal for boarding purposes.

RUBs are also available for Reptile Racks, to speak to us about a custom racking system, please contact us. 

Please note: Airholes must be made in rubs to allow sufficient ventilation.