Reptile Systems Vit-A-Min, 1000g


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Reptile Systems Vit-A-Min, 1000g

  • Premium complete multivitamin powder
  • Highly palatable nutritional booster
  • Loaded with all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural colour enhancers
Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 164 mm

Premium complete multivitamin powder, highly palatable nutritional booster loaded with all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural colour enhancers to keep your animals healthy.

Many reptiles’ nutritional needs are not being met simply because of the captive diet we feed them.  For those that follow any of our social media, you know that we strongly advocate a mixed natural diet and recommend you use this philosophy in your approach to animal care. We also know that in this modern age we have access to good food at affordable prices and because of intense farming methods it is not as nutrient dense as the food our animals would consume as part of a naturalistic diet.

This is also true of commercial feeder insect production; the facilities and production methods we have witnessed may be extremely good, however, the insects produced lack the full nutrient profile of their wild-roaming counterparts. This is generally down to the soil nutrient quality and the vegetation that grows in it. Natural soil is made from four basic components: inorganic minerals from the natural erosion of rocks, organic matter, such as decaying vegetation and decomposing animals, water and a mixture of gaseous elements that make up air.

This natural soil enriches flora that grows in it, which in turn is consumed by wild insects and reptiles fulfilling their natural dietary needs. This is where the other two products in the range, Calcium Ultra and Insect Food plug the gaps in the captive diet. When used in conjunction with suitable lighting and heating products this should fulfil the needs of your pet.